Re-Elect Michael Montesano for New York State Assemblyman 15th District

The Citizens for Montesano ask you to re-elect Michael Montesano for New York State Assemblyman 15th District. Michael Montesano has years of experience in the law. He has also served on the North Shore school board of education and has held positions as an officer and director on various boards for non for profit organizations.

Assemblyman Michael Montesano has already made a positive difference for our community. Here's how:

The Montesano Record:

  • Property tax cap to protect homeowners
  • Cut the MTA payroll tax for 80% of small businesses and all schools
  • On-time State Budgets that reduced wasteful spending and closed nearly $13 billion in budget deficits
  • Middle class tax relief that put more money back in taxpayer's pockets
  • He will attract more jobs for Nassau County 
  • He will ensure a living wage for all workers
  • Opposed job-killing tax hikes, fees and surcharges
  • Championed bi-partisan ethics reform to clean up Albany
  • Supported pension forfeiture for public officials convicted of felonies


Assemblyman Montesano will keep working to protect taxpayers and deliver a more affordable Long Island. Here's how:

The Montesano Agenda:

  • Fully repeal the MTA payroll tax
  • Reduce energy costs so consumers and businesses see lower gas and electricity prices
  • Grow NY's economy and create more private sector jobs
  • Deliver real unfunded mandate relief for local governments and schools
  • Reform the Medicaid program
  • Get Long Island schools their fair share from Albany
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